By Noel Clarke

It’s been two years since the accident in which Georgia lost the use of her legs. Her fiancé and housemates are trying their best to support her however, she cannot see past her own struggles and how much it is affecting the people closest to her. A truthful drama that holds the lives of these young people under a microscope and reveals the cracks which one horrific accident can cause.

"As long as you don’t get the mixed popcorn. Either get sweet or salt, mixed is just senseless, absolutely senseless"

Those Legs


Director - Niklas Aarre
Costume Designer - Freya Green
Sound Designer - Sian West
Lighting Operator - Joe Samuels
Stage Manager - Nicole Roper


Lana- Zoe Takel
Aaron- Dan Owens
Leon- Jack Ince
Georgia- Eleanor Hughes
Carer- Sam Cattee
Plumber- Liam Atwood
Carer- Daniel Lewi-Jones