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Thinking of the future!

It’s been over a month since my last post, so what has happened since then within my creative journey.

As you know I performed Miss by Douglas Murdoch at white post for the Between Creatives anniversary/website launch celebration. The monologue was received well but I could feel I hadn’t performed in front of a live audience for over a year; the stage is normally a comfortable place for me, but that performance was different. Apart from that the performance still went really well and it was such a pleasure to be asked to be a part of the event, with so many incredible artists showcasing their work.

Now I was wanting to carry on this creative flow, but it was stunted due to myself having to find ‘normal’ work to fund my master’s degree. So yes, I am now a typical actor and work in a coffee shop (it’s got to be done). What is getting me through the torture of not being ‘creative’ every day, is the thought of moving back to Bath, living with creative friends and doing a degree that allows me to express my creativity. I’m very excited!!!

I may not be ‘creative’ every day but I have found time to do two incredible projects this past month. Both projects came about very suddenly and have been such a pleasure to be a part of.

PROJECT 1 – Let’s get out of here by Aled Davies.

This is a short film that began as such a small idea and has grown and grown into a bigger project. I’m not going to explain the story, so you will have to watch it when it’s out! Thanks to the amazing producer who was able to get the short film supported by Bath Spa university. This partnership allowed the quality of the film go from an 8/10 to 10/10. It was so good to get back in front of the camera working with some amazing people (the majority all from Bath Spa but different years) to create the film. From what I have seen it’s going to be awesome.

PROJECT 2 – Ashman by Ryan Mellish and Douglas Murdoch.

About a week ago I was asked by the producer of the play, Daniel Lewis-Jones to play the part of Howard Ashman in Ashman for a rehearsed reading at a ScriptMix event in Bath. I read a draft of the script and agreed. I got to Bath, rehearsed with a very talented bunch of Actors under the direction of Mark Langley. We performed the first half of the play and it was received very well from everyone who was there, and it looks like the project is going to go ahead and be performed in the future, so keep an eye out. Thank you, Dan, for casting me in the rehearsed reading and thank you to TheatreLab for hosting the event.

I think that’s everything that has happened recently, apart from Avengers: Infinity War, the royal wedding and the Yanny/Laurel Debate (definitely Yanny). Now just for a couple of congratulations…

Congratulations to everyone involved in Spark Fest. I have heard amazing things about the performances that have already happened and I’m sure all the performances to come will meet the same standard. You all should be very pleased with yourself. I was lucky enough to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are plebs at the Mission by The Raymondos when I was in Bath performing Ashman. Well done guys you smashed it out of the park!!

A second congratulation goes to Leading Light Collective for their run of Memories we lost in the fire at the International Dublin Gay theatre festival. The performances weren’t just received amazingly, they also got nominated for three awards. Best Ensemble, Best Male performance and they won the award for Best new writing. I would say ‘I can’t believe it’, but I can! So proud of you guys! Can’t wait to work with you very very soon!!!!!!

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