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Bag of Poo, Reviews and the end of another Project! 22nd-29th

"There is no place more peaceful than a quite theatre auditorium"

After an eventful journey of trains and busses from Bath to Bristol to find the new place I was staying for a couple of days, I saw how beautiful this area of the country is and how much I want to live here. One day soon that will be the case.

It's Wednesday, press night for Lady in the Van and there is a different feeling in the air today. A sense of relaxation with a hint of underlying tension and nervousness. Press night was the night the show came alive, the rapid response between actors and the genuine play the Actors were having with the lines was so enjoyable to watch (well hear and see black and white figures on a monitor screen). Now for a free glass of white!

I can't thank the cast and crew enough for letting me be a part of this production. I think the prize for best 'Good Luck for Press Night Present' goes to Lia! Thanks for the bag of poo!

Logan Lucky...What to say about Logan Lucky. Was lovely to see Daniel Craig on screen not as Bond however, I am disappointed by the overall film. Yes the heist was exciting and was a believable reason to commit said heist, but I was lost at the end. The films pace was relatively slow with Channing Tatum driving the action but so much happened in the last 20 minutes. *Spoiler Alert*. They stole all the money, Logan gave the money back, everyone hated him, he didn't actually give all the money back, everyone liked him again! Oh and there was a sudden FBI investigation! Not a clue what happened!

I also saw Looking for Lucian at the Ustinov Studio in Bath. Very well performed but I feel I went in very blind on who Lucian Freud is which therefore distorted my conclusion on the production at the end.

Only one more week in Bath before going back home and I finally feel settled in one place. Applications for auditions and an Assistant Director Job next year is underway. Exciting times ahead!!

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